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Organization background

Youth Volunteers for Development and Environment Conservation (YOVENCO) was founded on 10th march 2001. YOVENCO is non-governmental, non-profit making and non-political organization with headquarters in Berbera and sub-offices in Hargiesa, Burao & Borama. YOVENCO has been working as a voluntary with its community in the social livelihood development, health improvement, Child protection, youth empowerment as well as the conservation of the environment. YOVENCO is a legally registered NGO by the Sahil region Attorney General, Ministry of youth & sports and the Ministry of National Planning and Coordination

YOVENCO in partnership with United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) is implementing Enterprise Development in Fishery Sector for youth in Berbera project for 6-month period starting from January 1st , 2019 – June 30th 2019. As part of project outputs, one existing non profit organization/institution to be selected and their capacities in business development service developed in Berbera. Therefore YOVENCO is calling all interested organizations in Berbera to apply and send their expression of Interest in response to the Terms of reference in Section 3. The selected Business Development Institutions will support the implementation of this project.

Project Description

The proposal on enterprise development in fishery sector is part of the ongoing Joint Programme on Youth Employment, in which the UN agencies, such as UNDP, FAO, ILO, UN-Habitat and UNIDO, have been working together with relevant stakeholders to create job opportunities for youth and women. Majority interventions of the programme focuses on the value chain development, which aims at improving the long-term potential for growth, productivity and creating employment opportunities in high potential economic growth sectors, such as agriculture, fisheries, livestock, construction, hospitality and renewable energy, involving youth as the agents of positive change. It promotes employability and jobs creation for the disadvantaged, unemployed and underemployed youth, including women, in economically potential sectors.

In 2017, UNDP-FAO joint partnerships for the youth employment programme has empowered disadvantaged communities by conducting dry fish consumption campaigns, led by four Trainers from TVET institutions in Bosasso. The campaigns have built market linkages in Armo, Qardho, Ufeyn, Garowe, Galkayo and Galdogob in Puntland. During the community campaigns, there was promotion of dried fish consumption, with dried fish cooking demonstrations, where 2,192 meals were prepared and distributed in the six inland cities. Every meal was distributed with a pamphlet, advocating fish nutritional value and cooking recipes.

During the fish value chain analysis, undertaken by UNDP in collaboration with FAO, access to microfinance is one of the major constraints, facing by the fisher folks, in setting up their businesses as well as overall development in fishery sector. There are no facilities available for the fisherfolks to avail microfinance. On the other hand, fishery sector is also highly underdeveloped, although it has great potential for contributing to reducing poverty and contributing to economic growth. Given that the region has over 3,300 K.M. coastal line with the Indian Ocean, there is no encouraging data available on the percentage of people, engaged in their livelihoods in fishery sector.

UNDP, through this proposal, has a plan to set up revolving funds/grants mechanism, provide revolving funds to 6 existing or new youth groups, comprising 30 youth (15 women), in setting up their enterprises in fishery sector in Berbera (30 youth in 6 enterprises). Additionally, the capacities of one Business Development Services (BDS) organizations in Berbera will be developed by providing grants/seed funds; and they will be involved in providing longer-term business development support to 6 enterprises to be set up. Legally registered community business entities or registered youth groups, who have already received FAO-ILO skills training, will receive revolving funds for this purpose. FAO, being part of the advisory committee, will provide overall technical support to the initiative. The fish processing facilities, constructed or to be constructed in these districts by UNDP and equipped by FAP, will be used by the selected fisherfolks in setting up their enterprises.

Overall Objective:

Promoting long-term jobs creation amongst the youth and women through provision of grants and enterprise development in fishery sector.

Geographic Locations and Target beneficiaries

# Location Target Beneficiaries

1.Berbera 30 youth (50% women)

a)Total 30 youth.

b)Terms of Reference (TOR) for BDS

This is the overall responsibility of the Business Development Services Institution to Support Smooth Implementation of the Enterprise Development in Fishery Sector for the Youth in Berbera.

2.Assist and input in the development of Business plan templates

3.Assign staff with adequate capacity and experience to provide entrepreneurial support to the selected enterprise/youth groups

4.Join, Attend the Revolving fund technical committee and participate reviewing enterprise business proposals based on the set criteria.

5.Participate in the establishment of revolving fund management mechanisms and be an active member of revolving fund committee/ Technical and Advisory Committee;

6.Provide technical support to youth groups in developing business plans.

7.Using the developed e-profiling template track the enterprise progress in business development

8.Provide business mentoring and counseling services to the selected youth enterprises

9.Support setting up of 6 enterprises involving 30 youth in Berbera

Provide Business Management skills to the established enterprises

Assist the enterprises in marketing their products and services to attract customers

Mentor the enterprises and their management systems for 1 year and half to improve the business development

Provide necessary advice to resolve the challenges, bottlenecks and risks

Participate Monthly Coordination and review meetings

Develop revolving fund return scheme for the selected enterprise

Monitor the operationalization of return scheme in order the funds utilized among the group fairly and usefully.

Conduct regular visits to the youth enterprises to oversee their development and identify any challenges

Work with Line ministries and any other stakeholders

Document and share with YOVENCO the success stories of the enterprises

Prepare and submit monthly and quarterly reports to YOVENCO within the project period, and submit Monthly reports to UNDP/YES Programme

after the project period as the BDS continue to work with the Enterprises

Financial allocation provided by YOVENCO under the Project

The overall amount made available under this Call is USD 5,000.00 for a selected Business Development Service Institution to facilitate carrying out the responsibilities outlined in this call for Expression of Interest in one location. The selected BDS institution will receive a total amount of $5000 for a period of 6 months and 18 Months for following up post project enterprise activities.


For more detailed information please contact the project officer..

Name : Shacban A/lahi Elmi

Title: program manager



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