Youth Volunteers for Development and Environment Conservation (YOVENCO)


On Saturday morning, YOVENCO met 26 beneficiaries that FAO provided dry fish processing training in Berbera. The objective of the meeting was to verify the availability of those 30 beneficiaries in order to accelerate the enterprise development in fishery project.


YOVENCO also asked written questions to assess their literacy and numeracy.


26 (7 male, 19 female) of the list beneficiaries shared by FAO attended to the meeting
67% of the beneficiaries were female while 27 %them were male
27 % (7 beneficiaries) of the beneficiaries are illiterate while 73% (19 beneficiaries) of them are literate.
89 % (23) the beneficiaries attended 8 days,9 days, and 21 days dry fish processing training in Berbera provided by FAO
11 % (3 ) of the beneficiaries did not attend dry fish processing training from FAO in Berbera
4 of the beneficiaries could not reach through telephone and still, we are seeking them.


The project of the enterprise development in fishery sector is part of the ongoing Joint Programme on Youth Employment, in which the UN agencies, such as UNDP, FAO, ILO, UN-Habitat and UNIDO, have been working together with relevant stakeholders to create job opportunities for youth and women. Majority of interventions of the programme focuses on the value chain development, which aims at improving the long-term potential for growth, productivity and creating employment opportunities in high potential economic growth sectors, such as agriculture, fisheries, livestock, construction, hospitality and renewable energy, involving youth as the agents of positive change. It promotes employability and jobs creation for the disadvantaged, unemployed and underemployed youth, including women, in economically potential sectors.


This project started 1st December 2018 and will end 31st May 2019. The project willprovide revolving funds to 6 existing or new youth groups, comprising 30 youth (15 women), in setting up their enterprises in fishery sector in Berbera (30 youth in 6 enterprises). Additionally, the capacities of one Business Development Services (BDS) organizations in Berbera will be developed by providing grants/seed funds; and they will be involved in providing longer-term business development support to 6 enterprises to be set up. Legally registered community business entities or registered youth groups, who have already received FAO-ILO skills training, will receive revolving funds for this purpose. FAO, being part of the advisory committee, will provide overall technical support to the initiative. The fish processing facilities, constructed or to be constructed in these districts by UNDP and equipped by FAP, will be used by the selected fisher folks in setting up their enterprises


For more detailed information please contact the project officer..

Name : Shacban A/lahi Elmi

Title: program manager