Youth Volunteers for Development and Environment Conservation (YOVENCO)

Quality and Inclusive Education

Quality inclusive education is a fundamental part of the new Sustainable Development Goal agenda.

In Somaliland, inclusive education refers to a ‘system that affords all learners access to free and compulsory
basic education and secondary education of real quality, followed by the opportunity to continue with
lifelong education and training, so enhancing their personal development and contributing to Somaliland’s cultural development, socio-economic
growth, and global competitiveness.’

In Somaliland, inclusive education refers to children with special education needs who attend mainstream schools.

We work to address the challenges of thousands of children to access integrated and inclusive education in hard to reach areas of Somaliland.

We work with ministry of education to improve inclusive education, promote enrolment particularly girls and disability students.

We build gender and disability-friendly schools and toilets. We work with communities to increase their
knowledge on the value of girls’ education.

YOVENCO in Action

YOVENCO is working with UNICEF and the Somaliland Ministry of education to promote inclusive education in schools.

Our work has contributed to: