Emergency Response Program

  • Yemen Returnees and refugees response:
YOVENCO partner with save the children has been providing a support on refugee/returnees displaced from Yemen since the Yemen conflict had begun in April 2015. YOVENCO with save the children is implementing Yemen refugee/returnees emergency response project. This project aims to support, response and provide emergency assistance to the refugee and returnees provided by distribution of core relief items (NFIs), supporting children in a protection concerns, family tracing and reunification of unaccompanied children to their families and capacity building to the tasks force and government staff through training and meeting.

NFI Distribution for Refugee
  • Drought Emergency response 2007 (WFP,CARE and UNICEF)
  • WFP: YOVENCO with WFP partnership supported 2208 households (13245 persons) to 25 villages of SAHIL region is response to drought effected to that villages on 2013.
  • CARE: Supported on 2009 to distribute NFI to families displaced by chronic droughts from guban and Oogo plateau of Somaliland. The families were resided in Berbera IDPs. the support were covered to 250 Households by providing sanitary kits, mats, utensils and other important households items including shelter covering bags.

NFI Distribution for Refugee