Civic & Governance

YOVENCO is involved in community development programs  in collaboration with UNICEF have over the years been working building the capacities of Community village committees particularly community monitoring groups to engage implementation of UN Joint Programme on Local Governance (JPLG) development projects and other related projects in their areas.  Provided trainings including participatory impact monitoring (PIM) is aimed at building the capacity of local people to realize their potential and, collectively, become more self-confident and self-reliant so that they can take a lead in developing their own communities. In 2010, communities from Borama, Berbera, Shiekh, Hargeisa, Burao and Odweyne were trained with monitoring community projects. Those communities who participated in this process proved that they have benefited from such trainings and their contributions to the implementation and monitoring process was acceptable.

Under UN Joint Programme on Local Governance( JPLG), YOVENCO built the capacities of local authorities of Berbera, Sheikh, Burao, Odweyne, Borama and Hargeisa in administrative wise and reporting. YOVENCO in collaboration with UNICEF and STIPA assisted local municipalities to come up District Development Framework (DDF). During this project, YOVENCO advocated that priorities from the communities and villages to be reflected in the district development plans.