Environment Protection & Renewable

Strategic Objective: -

  •  Increase the contribution of the environment and natural resources to sustainable community development.


 Strategic Outcomes: -

  • Increased local communities’ adaptation to disaster in the light of climate change.
  • Increased household utilization of energy conserving alternatives.


Actions (Strategies):-



1. Raise awareness on environmental protection and conservation.

2. Capacitate local governments and communities to protect the environment.

3. Promote community and home-based tree planting.

4. Build the capacity of local communities and households in good practices for solid waste disposal and management.

5. Lobby for government actions for the protection and conservation of on-land and marine resources.


1. Raise public awareness on renewable energy.

2. Promote Community-Based Renewable Energy Systems.

3. Lobby for government actions for promoting utilization of renewable energy.


Component: - Environmental protection, Renewable energy and climate change