Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)

Strategic Objective: -Promote community sanitation, hygiene, and health.

Strategic Outcomes: - Increased access to clean water and sanitation services in vulnerable communities.

Actions (Strategies):-

  1. Construct and rehabilitate sanitation and hygiene infrastructures.
  2. Construct and rehabilitate water supply points.
  3. Raise public awareness on water and wastemanagement.
  4. Build community capacity to harvest and store rainwater.
  5. Implement PHAST, CHAST, CLTS and SLTS methodologies.
  6. Promote water purification methods.
  7. Lobby for integration of WASH in local development plans.
  8. Provide IEC on household sanitation and hygiene practices.
  9. Provide hygiene and sanitary kits to families in IDP camps.
  10. Promote application of solar water pumps.


Component: - PHAST, CHAST, CLTS and SLTS