Maroodi Jeeh region

Regional Background Maroodi Jeeh region is located between Gabiley region to the west, Togdheer and Sahil regions to the east. It also borders Ethiopia to the south and the Gulf of Aden to the north. The region has an estimated population of 1,200,000 with a 70/30 urban/rural ratio. Somaliland’s capital city Hargeisa is found in the region. 

The region consists of seven districts: Hargeisa, Sallahley, Darasalam, Farawayne, Sabowanag and Adadley. There are four livelihoods zones in the region, namely: Guban pastoral zone (tending sheep, goats, camels) which runs along the northern coast; the west Golis pastoral zone (rearing sheep, goats, camels) running from east to west below Guban, the largest zone in the region; north-west agro-pastoral zone (cultivating sorghum, raising cattle) extending from east to west below west Golis; and Hawd pastoral zone (tending sheep, goats, camels) along the southern border with Ethiopia. Most parts of the region received near normal to normal Gu rains that replenished water levels and regenerated pastures. Like in other Regions agro-pastoral zones, people in Maroodi Jeeh Region experience difficulties in accessing safe water, sanitation and health facilities. According to FSNAU surveys from 2009 to 2011, 20-40 per cent of the population access improved sanitation, and less than 40 per cent have access to a protected water source. 

In Hargeisa district, less than 20 per cent of the population accesses a protected water sources. Maroodi Jeeh has a semi-arid climate. The Region generally features warm winters and hot summers. However, despite its location in the tropics, due to the high altitude Maroodi Jeeh seldom experiences either very hot or very cold weather. This is a trait rarely seen in regions with semi-arid climates. The Region receives the bulk of its precipitation between the months of April and September, averaging just under 400 mm of rainfall annually. Average monthly temperatures range from 17 C in the months of December and January to 35 C in the month of June.

For the development matters, Ministry of national planing and development has developed regional development plan which is focused on the current needs and governmental development agenda. YOVENCO also has its own strategic plan which is in line with national and regional aspirations. For more Maroodijeeh regional development information please click the link Maroodijeeh regional development plan.