Youth Volunteers for Development and Environment Conservation (YOVENCO)


YOVENCO launched enterprise business development project on 27thDecember 2018 at Berbera Public library, the objective of the launched ceremony were to share project information to Berbera fishery communities, local government, regional line ministries, business development organizations, youth and woman groups and promote accountability and transparency of the project through dissemination of project information to the TV’s, newspapers and websites.


MD Mohamed Hassan, chairman of YOVENCO, opened the launching ceremony, he shared to the participants that YOVENCO in a partnership of UNDP is implementing Enterprises development in fishery for youth in Berbera under the youth employment program (YEP). The project is part of the ongoing Joint Programme on Youth Employment, in which the UN agencies, such as UNDP, FAO, ILO, UN-Habitat and UNIDO, have been working together with relevant stakeholders to create job opportunities for youth and women. The project will provide revolving funds to 6 existing or new youth groups, comprising 30 youth (15 women), in setting up their enterprises in fishery sector in Berbera (30 youth in 6 enterprises). Additionally, the capacities of one Business Development Services (BDS) organizations in Berbera will be developed by providing grants/seed funds; and they will be involved in providing longer-term business development support to 6 enterprises to be set up.

Shafici Jama Aden. MOYS Representative welcomed to participate the launching ceremony for business enterprise investment. He thanked UNDP and YOVENCO to implement job creation employment projects

Ibrahim Saleban regional MASAF representative thanked to YOVENCO and UNDP for the Enterprise business development and he said that MESAF is expecting that 6 youth business groups will be successful and contribute youth employment contribute.


Fish cooperatives chairman, Mohamed Hassan


He welcomed to the Enterprise business development employment creation project that UNDP is funding and YOVENCO is implementing in Berbera.


Abdikarim Aden, Berbera municipality executive, “it is great pleasure to all of us to attend the launching ceremony of this project. This project is different from the other project as we live in Berbera city which is located the hub of the red sea. We thank to all the partners contributed to this project and the commitment of Somaliland government to ban other illegal fishing companies. The demand of the fish in the local market cannot absorb local fish production due to this we need to seek other markets in the region” I will also message to the youth that Berbera municipality need your contribution to make wan to Berbera green and clean city.

Ahmed Osman, regional governor, we welcome to the enterprise business development for youth in fishery project. The project is more inclusive as it provides equal employment for woman and man youth in Berbera.