Youth Volunteers for Development and Environment Conservation (YOVENCO)


Child participation is about children having the opportunity to express their views, Influence decision-making, and achieve change. Participation for children is meaningful when they are empowered and is not about „doing something nice for and with children but it is a right that children are entitled to as right holders. In this regard, the project promotes child participation by actively involving children in different activities such as the child-led research activity.


Violence against children is obviously a challenging area to research. Much violence towards children takes place in ‘private’ settings such as the families, or in IDPs which resent outside scrutiny such as schools and institutions for children without family support. Clearly, a high level of attention to ethical issues will be necessary, to avoid causing further harm to children. Some kinds of violence, such as sexual abuse, carry a particularly heavy load of stigma for those reporting it. Feelings of shame can inhibit sharing of experience. All these issues need to be carefully negotiated in planning research and children can help adult researchers in working out posi­tive approaches to overcoming these difficulties. Girls and boys therefore can usefully be involved in many aspects of development work including research and situational analysis.


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Name: Ayan Mohamed Ahmed

Title: program manager