Youth Volunteers for Development and Environment Conservation (YOVENCO)


This year 6 February 2019, FGM World Day calls on mothers to STOP FGM! As celebrated this day in the other cities of Somaliland,YOVENCO chairmanand MESEF (Somaliland Ministry of Employment Social Affairs and Family) with the regional coordinator Mr Ibrahim Ateyehas organized collective a ceremony to commemorate the international day of FGM in Berbera. Various people have attended in the ceremony including IDPs, refugees, CSO and government representatives and the community. The chief guests who were invited but they not participate in the ceremony include the governor of Sahil region of Berbera city.


The participant has agreed FGM has no health benefits, and it harms girls and women in many ways. It involves removing and damaging healthy and normal female genital tissue, and interferes with the natural functions of girls’ and women’s bodies. They mention differently the most complications were the young girls faced.

Immediate complications can include:


Severe pain
Excessive bleeding (haemorrhage)
genital tissue swelling
infections e.g., tetanus
urinary problems
wound healing problems
Injury to surrounding genital tissue
Long-term consequences can include:

Urinary problems (painful urination, urinary tract infections);
Vaginal problems (discharge, itching, bacterial vaginosis and other infections);
Menstrual problems (painful menstruations, difficulty in passing menstrual blood, etc.);
Scar tissue and keloid;
Sexual problems (pain during intercourse, decreased satisfaction, etc.);
Increased risk of childbirth complications (difficult delivery, excessive bleeding, caesarean section, need to resuscitate the baby, etc.) and newborn deaths;
Need for later surgeries: for example, the FGM procedure that seals or narrows a vaginal opening (type 3) needs to be cut open later to allow for sexual intercourse and childbirth (deinfibulation). Sometimes genital tissue is stitched again several times, including after childbirth, hence the woman goes through repeated opening and closing procedures, further increasing both immediate and long-term risks;
psychological problems (depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, low self-esteem, etc.);
Health complications of female genital mutilation

On the background of the day, International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilationis aUnited Nations-sponsored annual awareness daythat takes place on February 6 as part of the UN’s efforts to eradicate female genital mutilation. It was first introduced in 2003

The chief guests who were invited in the ceremony include The YOVENCO Chairman Mohamed Hassan and regional coordinator of MEFAS and communitycommittee and youth clubs.