Youth Volunteers for Development and Environment Conservation (YOVENCO)

Youth Training Skills and Employment Graduation

On the 4th of August 2019, a total number of 110 trainees who were trained on different skills including; masonry and steel fixing, cookery, and entrepreneurship have graduated from YOVENCO Technical and Vocational Institute . A well-arranged graduation ceremony was held at Diamond hotel, Berbera.

This overwhelming number of trainees benefitted from the project of Youth Skills Training and Employment Promotion project which has been implemented by YOVENCO and Funded by USADF since 2015.

Furthermore, 40 out of 110 trainees were trained on masonry and steel fixing, another 40 were trained on entrepreneurship, while the rest, 30 in number, were trained on cookery. Notably, 70 out of 110 were girls and the other 40 were boys which dramatically balance the educational gap between the two genders.

During the event, the Mayor of Berbera, the Governor of Sahir region, the YOVENCO team, officials from USADF, and other honorable guests have delivered speeches, noting the paramount importance of programs like this in giving youth employable skills. They have also underlined the constructive and significant role of YOVENCO and its partners in shaping and transforming the lives of vulnerable communities in Sahil region, and wider Somaliland.


Since its establishment, YOVENCO Technical and Vocational Institute have trained 936 trainees who benefitted from the various projects and all have drawn success stories which are until now stands as an example of this project’s overall success. These trainees are now contributing back to society with their acquired skills.