Youth Volunteers for Development and Environment Conservation (YOVENCO)

About Us


Over the years YOVENCO has been providing timely and relevant assistance to poor and vulnerable communities through the implementation of interventions in Social
Livelihoods Development, Health Improvement, Child Protection, Youth Empowerment as well as the Conservation of the Environment.

YOVENCO is duly licensed to operate as a Non-Governmental Organization in the Republic of Somaliland by the Ministry of National Planning and Development.

Since its inception, YOVENCO has collaborated with the local authorities, other aid agencies as well as beneficiary communities to successfully deliver dozens of humanitarian and development projects.

We have also established strategic alliances with other
humanitarian and development actors and have become an influential member of Somaliland civil society networks and forums.

These include the Somaliland National Youth Organization (SONYO) – an Umbrella Youth Network, Somaliland HIV/AIDS Network (SAHAN), Somaliland Child Right Forum (SOCRIF), Berbera Economic Development Forum (BEDF), Somaliland
Pastoral Forum (SOLPAF) and the DAN-GUUD consortium for expanding civic space for youth and women.

YOVENCO is renowned as a reputable organization with a proven track record of implementing timely and relevant projects throughout the country.

Our Vision

A society where every citizen enjoys access to better livelihood with a dignified life, human rights and social justice promoted and climate change vulnerability

Our Mission

YOVENCO commits to work with people in poverty and exclusion to improve their socio-economic status, protect their rights, promote gender equality and
well-being and reduce climate change vulnerability through service delivery, empowerment, and policy advocacy.

Our Core Values


Our purpose is to protect life and health and to ensure respect for all human beings.


Integrity means that we are truthful and honest in all areas of life, in our professional work, and our personal lives.

Transparency & Accountability

We conduct our activities with complete and open transparency. We try to be accountable and open in all our business practices.


Diversity shapes our culture. We appreciate each person's contribution to our common goals and treat everyone equally.