Youth Empowerment & Skills Development

Investing in youth economic empowerment and skills development is one of the most urgent and effective means to drive progress on gender equality, poverty eradication, and inclusive economic growth.

Despite growing evidence of the positive outcomes of youth economic empowerment, young people in Somaliland continue to experience unequal access to education and skills development and face barriers to securing decent employment and opportunities to thrive as entrepreneurs.

YOVENCO’s water and sanitation work help vulnerable communities obtain adequate supplies of safe water and sanitation facilities by drilling new borehole wells, repairing existing wells, developing rainwater catchments, providing water storage, building community filtration systems, and constructing household latrines, refuse dumps, and surface water drainage systems.

YOVENCO in Action

Our work has contributed to:

  • Enhanced technical skills for thousands of young people;
  • Increased employment opportunities;
  • Establishment of hundreds of youth-owned small businesses.
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