Child Protection

Every child has the right to be safe from harm. nevertheless, every year the lives and physical, mental, and emotional well-being of children in Somaliland are threatened by maltreatment such as abuse, neglect, violence, and exploitation. 

Children need to be protected because they are physically, mentally, and emotionally immature and unable to adequately protect themselves. 

The younger a child is the more care and protection he or she will need.

As children grow, their physical, cognitive, and social-emotional capabilities evolve and mature, but children are still not fully capable of protecting themselves. YOVENCO’s child protection programming revolves around our efforts to safeguard children from actions or situations that place their healthy development and well-being at risk.

YOVENCO in Action

Our work has contributed to:

  • Enhanced Community Based Child Protection Mechanisms (CBCPM);
  • Promotion of key child rights issues at central, district and community levels;
  • Enhanced capacity of child protection service providers;
  • Increased awareness of child protection among target communities.
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