Get Involved

We appreciate any kind of support whether it’s your time or money. 

You can get involved in either of two ways


Please tag along and get in the fight and support us with your time towards achieving a society where every citizen enjoys access to a better livelihood with a dignified life, human rights, social justice promotion and climate change vulnerability reduction.

Donate Now

Every donation brings us one step closer to our goal of a society without hunger, inequality, and violence.

Please give generously. Every donation you give can be the sunshine in someone’s life. Your kindness can make a world of difference.

Core Values


Our purpose is to protect life and health and to ensure respect for all human beings.


We conduct our activities with complete and open transparency. We try to be accountable and open in all our business practices.


Integrity means that we are truthful and honest in all areas of life, in our professional work, and our personal lives.


Diversity shapes our culture. We appreciate each person's contribution to our common goals and treat everyone equally.

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