Youth Volunteers for Development and Environment Conservation (YOVENCO)

23 Students Graduated from YOVENCO'S TVET Program

YOVENCO NGO, with its comprehensive humanitarian duties and a broader scope of work, have immensely contributed to reshaping societies since its establishment in 2001.


YOVENCO, as a youth-led initiative based in the frenetically chaotic and turbulent region of the Horn of Africa firmly believes the importance of mobilizing youth, investing their future, reinvigorating their potentials and equipping them with practicable skills, and strongly theorize that the absence of such efforts would dramatically worsen and further incapacitate the very disadvantaged communities which they hail to.


Having that in mind, YOVENCO with its institute of Technical and Vocational Training has so far trained a total number of nearly a thousand young people. These different pieces of training were and are still aimed to address problems related to unemployment and to curb the outflow of youth from the country by preparing them to bring positive progress in their own lives right there at home. A vast majority of those trainees were able to transform their lives as well as their families, and they are now contributing back to society.


Recently, 23 out of 30 TVET trainees, who were trained on steel fixing and cooking, have graduated from YOVENCO’s Technical and Vocational Training Institute Centre in Berbera, Sahil region. A joyous graduation ceremony has been held to commemorate their accomplishment upon acquiring employable and life-transforming skills which are intended to give trainees opportunities for ready jobs that are available in the labor market.

Officials from YOVENCO, SOS, Berbera Local Government, Community leaders have spoken at the event, with all of them illustrating the significant role of initiatives like this in building the future of youth and supporting the society at large. Following the graduation ceremony, the trainees were also given the necessary working materials by YOVENCO to facilitate a head start to work.

In conclusion, the project went extremely successful and put due course to many hopeful youth, with whom the future of the nation survives if guided and supported.YOVENCO expresses its gratitude to SOS Children’s Villages, with whom we partnered, in implementing this successful project.