Equality in Action: Barwaaqo and Muwaahib’s Journey through Vocational Training

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In the coastal city of Berbera, Barwaaqo and Muwaahib, enrolled as trainees at YOVENCO Technical and Vocational Training Institute, are currently pursuing the aluminium fabrication course. Their decision to venture into this field, traditionally dominated by male participants, is noteworthy for its challenge to prevailing gender norms and its potential to encourage more women to explore vocational skills.

In an industry where women are often underrepresented, Barwaaqo and Muwaahib’s commitment to excel is commendable. Despite the gender biases inherent in the sector, they are determined to establish themselves as proficient professionals, aiming to serve as role models for other aspiring female practitioners.

Their choice to pursue aluminum fabrication has not been without resistance. They have encountered skepticism regarding their suitability for the physically demanding aspects of the job and faced doubts about their capabilities. However, their perseverance and dedication have enabled them to overcome such challenges, proving their competence and determination.

YOVENCO’s commitment to fostering gender equality in the job market is evident through its training programs at its vocational institute. Barwaaqo and Muwaahib’s journey underscores the critical importance of equal opportunities in vocational training. By embracing this opportunity, they are not only challenging existing gender disparities but also emphasizing the value of inclusivity and diversity in the workforce.

Their success story serves as a powerful example of breaking through barriers and advocating for gender equality in traditionally male-dominated industries. Through their commitment and resilience, Barwaaqo and Muwaahib are not only advancing their own careers but also contributing to a more equitable and inclusive society.

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