Headline: Ugbaad Ahmed Omer: A Young Woman Breaking Barriers in the Technical Field

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Ugbaad Ahmed Omer is a young woman from Berbera, Somaliland, who has broken barriers by becoming the only female graduate in the cooling systems course at YOVENCO Technical and Vocational Training Institute.

Ugbaad’s achievement is a testament to her determination and hard work in a field that is traditionally male-dominated. She overcame many challenges to complete the course, including cultural expectations that women should not work in technical fields.

However, Ugbaad was determined to pursue her dream of becoming a cooling systems engineer. She worked hard in her studies and participated in all of the training activities. She also interned at a local cooling systems company, where she gained valuable experience.

Ugbaad was part of 42 youths who have completed vocational training courses in Cooking and Cooling systems at YOVENCO Technical and Vocational Training Institute (TVET).

Among the graduates, 22 female trainees completed the cooking course, while 19 male trainees and one female trainee completed the cooling systems course.

The training was made possible through the social protection program funded by Concern Worldwide, which aims to empower vulnerable youths with vocational skills to enhance their livelihoods.

The training lasted for a total of seven months, which included six months of technical skills and entrepreneurship and business development training, followed by a one-month internship to put their skills into practice.

The graduates are now equipped with the necessary skills to succeed in their respective fields and contribute to the development of their communities.

At the graduation ceremony, Ugbaad was recognized for her outstanding accomplishment by the Vice Mayor of Berbera local government. The Vice Mayor promised to support Ugbaad by offering her a permanent job opportunity.

This promise is a major victory for Ugbaad and for all women who are working to break barriers in the technical field. It is also a sign that the local government is committed to gender diversity and inclusion in the workforce.

Ugbaad’s story is an inspiration to young women everywhere. It shows that anything is possible if you set your mind to it and work hard.


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